Romper Room: See the SissyBabies!

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Welcome to our SiSSYBABORAMA!!!!

What is SiSSYBABORAMA, you ask? Well, it’s a fun game where we post a site chock-full of baby pictures for you all to sift through and name the Sissy who it belongs to. If it’s a site, what does this message board have to do with it? Well, this board is where the guessing will take place.
A couple of guidelines for you to follow on the game:

1. If you know for a fact the identity of a SiSSYBABY (like if one’s your real life brother), please keep your knowledge of it to yourself. You can, of course, state that that’s who you are guessing it is, but just don’t say “because it’s my brother,” as it’ll take away the fun of guessing for the other Sissies. Likewise, if one’s you, don’t say proclaim that it’s you. This game is just for the sheer fun of it. We want all the enjoy it.

2. ONLY guess on the pictures here. Do not post your own baby pics in this forum. If you’d like to be considered for a future game, please contact us at [email protected]. Keep the conversation on this forum to this game.

3. Please do not disrupt the Official SF Message Board by posting guesses there.

4. There are no prizes for winners, so please, just have fun. Depending on how the guessing goes, we may, after a couple of weeks, start adding clues to the individual pages. We’ll let you know when we add them via this message board.

5. Any questions, comments, ideas, etc., regarding this game should be sent to [email protected].



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